Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Building The Nest!!

Birds build beautiful nests,
they work hard and the end result is perfect for their needs!!

What concerns me most is the location,
it's all about location.
Who decides where the all important nest is to be built??

I'm going with the male here...
I have never found a nest and thought, wow,
that's a great spot for the nest!!

If you look to the right of mister, you can see the nest.
Beautifully built on our outdoor awning.
The one we electrically extend
to provide some much needed shade while we are enjoying our time outside.

Discovered on May 26th, the hubs carefully checked the nest,
there were no babies and he removed it while I hid inside.

It was huge, beautifully built, and no babies
so I got over it quickly.

We extended the awning, fired up the grill and enjoyed these...

June 1st was another gorgeous day. We headed back outdoors,
ready to fire up the grill and float in the pool!!

Can you believe what I found??
That little bugger rebuilt that nest in the exact same place!!
Who does that??

Here's a close-up of mister smarty pants...
it's a House Sparrow and he's not happy.
Sheeezzzz your living at my house and your not paying any rent.

Now we can't retract the awning!!


  1. LOL! you think like a landlord! :)

  2. The hotdog looks pretty tempting right before lunch. I don't have much pity on the House Sparrows,they tend to multiple too quickly.

  3. You see everything!! I love that bird nest! We used to collect them....spray them and store in a zip lock bag so no 'critters' were left (like mites!) and then I used them in my decorations.

    Birds are stubborn creatures - just like us!

    I agree - that hot dog looks good enough to EAT!!

  4. That is too funny!! Glad others have that problem...We have birds built in our Gazebo... If we can catch them and get it down right away... I have found that the 3rd time...then they don't usually try a 4th time:)))..

  5. How supprising Debbie. But I think the bird showing you he want's to stay nearby your house.
    Have a great evening

  6. Do you allow homesteaders? Do we have eggs yet? Hugs, Bonnie

  7. It could only be a male that would do that, lol.
    Your hot dog looks super yummy.

  8. That is so cute! He's a clever one.

  9. For us it's in the sills...between the ledge and the bottom of the window air conditioners. They build and rebuild...and when they chirp it sounds like they are IN YOUR ROOM! Last year one actually flew into the bedroom!!

  10. Cute post, I had a good laugh at your Mr Smarty Pants. They were determined to nest on your awning. The hot dog looks yummy, Debbie. have a great day!

  11. It takes a lot of work to 'host' animals - trust me. Lol sandie

  12. Well, I came by here earlier today and something came up and I had to leave before commenting. I'll try again! Cute story about the birds nest. The things we do for our furry and feathered friends! And the hot dog looks yummy. I love hot dogs off the grill!

  13. Oh, sure! Blame it on the guy! It's always the man's fault, huh? LOL

  14. In most cases you would be able to say the bird was there first, but I think the house sparrow was introduced - so it has no excuse!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  15. Hey, squatters' rights! You'll just have to live with it for a month or so! :)

  16. Clever birds! I guess it is the hotdogs that they are after.

  17. hahahaha He is a smarty !


  18. Oh, that is just so cute. I love his barefaced cheek!!!!

  19. hahaha, how cute he is! Well when the babies are born and grown up, you will be able to retract the awning.