Thursday, April 19, 2012

Opening Day...

For the Dogwoods!!

Pretty pure white...

and a beautiful soft pink.
The pinks are my favorite, this tree is mine!!

The white one is Helen's,
I consider it to be "shared" because it is on the property line
and closer to my house then hers!!

I have been so busy with both fun and "necessary" things. niece's senior year art exhibit at Stockton College.
Stephanie is graduating from college in May.
She is, without doubt, one of the kindest souls I know.
I will be doing an entry on her exhibit soon.

"Necessary" and not fun...blood work, MRI, infusion (yesterday).
An increase in my nerve pain medication that is making me "swell",
but not swell/swell...swell fat!!
Picking out my fathers head stone and helping my mom with everything.

I adore taking pictures, scrap booking, crafting and gardening.
I love to walk at the beach, ride my bike and walk in the woods.
I love to write.
I would kill for a water soaked hot dog at Allaire Village today.

None of those things are going to happen today!!

If I have not been by to visit, please forgive me.
I read and appreciate all the sweet comments you leave here,
but I know there are a few blogs I have not visited that I should have!!

Sharing today with Nancy and Lisa for there


  1. No "shoulds" in blog land, didn't you know??!! That's why I love it here! Sorry about the yucky reaction to the as much as you can...and thanks for sharing "your two" trees with us!!

  2. I'm sorry you're struggling with swelling. no fun!

    I love dogwoods. But then they are our state tree ;-)

  3. I hope you get over it Deb. I feel sorry for you that you have to go for infusion again. Hope the swelling will be over soon. Take care
    of your self. Big hugs

  4. It sounds like you've had a lot on your plate lately...Don't worry about us we will be here when you have a chance to drop by.....

    Please take care of yourself as I know you have so much going on with you.....

    Beautiful photos....

  5. OOOOOOO, love the pink!
    Keep smiling kiddo. *hugs*

  6. Hi Debbie,
    It's good your doing fun stuff and I'm sorry you having to do some non fun stuff too. Keep your chin up :))
    Don't every worry about not visiting. Just take care of yourself. Many hugs to you!!!!
    PS. I love your pictures - so pretty!!!

  7. Ah I don't like that you have to have so much medical stuff going on. Boo Hoo. Any difficulties you have never show up in your photography. You are the most upbeat blogger I know. Take it easy.

  8. Your proverbial plate is pretty full isn't it. And it's even harder when you aren't feeling all that great! Take care sweety!

  9. Beautiful shots! I miss dogwood. I had a pink tree outside my front door in my old house in Atlanta.

  10. You have a plate that is much too full, my friend. How I wish I could help. Instead, YOU gave me something beautiful to look at today. Thank you, sweet one.

  11. Don't you ever feel bad about not visiting or commenting on my blog,I understand. sometime life gets in the way. Hope you can at least find a little time to do the things you enjoy.

  12. Just take it "bird by bird" my friend. Bonnie

  13. I love the Dogwoods and how you call the post "openning day", lovely pictures. Sorry to hear you are up to your armpits in .... hope things are going better for you soon.

  14. Hi Debbie...are you saying you love and enjoy my "sweet comments" ; } hee-hee!!
    Sorry your having a rough patch...
    Don't worry about visiting my post ..I have a feeling I am about due for a payback anyway ; } !!
    Saw your reply haha!! Now I am going to be worse, eye checkup today..eye that is done is now 20/20 vision : }}

  15. I was able to see dogwoods blooming in New York when we visited The City last week.....the dogwoods across the mountains from us in NE Oregon aren't blooming yet. Sorry you have so many things "on your plate."

  16. is it not funny how you click on a photo because you think oh that is just to beautiful & then you get to the blog & think well, duh??!! i should have known who's blog this was?!?! so funny. great dogwood photos. (:

  17. I join Adrienne! No 'shoulds' in blogland!

    First concern - take care of yourself!

    Beautiful pics.
    I am sending prayers your way! Thanks for the ones you have sent for us!

    Linda C

  18. take all the rest you need...the photos are so beautiful...praying for you good health...blessed day...

  19. I have a white dogwood, I want a pink one. :)
    Lovely shots Debbie!
    Do take care.

  20. nice pictures .. and do not worry that you do not have time to visit blogs .. we understand=D..Hugs

  21. Gorgeous photos, Debbie! The colors are wonderful! Hope you feel better soon!

  22. Bless your heart, Debbie. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    I also hope the dogwoods brought you as much joy as it they did to me. xoxo

  23. I will be praying for you. I am so sorry.
    Just get well and and take care of your self. We love you.

  24. Every year I think "ooh, I like white best" until I see a gorgeous pink in bloom. They're not as full & striking as last year, guess they needed some snow! Feel better.

  25. Sorry to hear about our reaction to the meds. Hopefully you will be good tomorrow and take the pictures that you always do and visit your favorite blogs.
    Love those flowers, but the pink is my favorite.
    TFS, ANA
    Get some rest.

  26. You will be in my prayers and I hope your medical concerns will be healed soon. I too understand swelling and suffered with an illness that caused that. Lovely pictures and thoughts as usual. Love your post!

  27. I am so sorry about your medical problems - and meds - I am not sure what is wrong. I hope you get better soon. I love the flowers. Ever hear the Legend of the Dogwood Trees? love, sandie